Dear Yuletide writer,

First of all, thank you so much for writing for me, and I apologize that this letter is so late coming up! No matter what, I'm sure I'll love whatever you decide to go with, so the most important thing is to relax and have fun!

General likes: as far as ships go, I like gen, het, femslash, and OTwhatever. H/c, complicated relationship dynamics, whether family, friendship, or romanitc. I'm comfortable with all explicitness levels or none. I enjoy AUs, alternate settings, interpolations of canon, or crack. If you like D/s and dubcon, I'm a fan of that as well, though don't feel obligated to go there by any means. I'm a sucker for complicated worldbuilding and humour

DNW: A/B/O. Onscreen rape. High school AUs, groupchat fics, any fic that is explicitly about a character's sexuality or mental illness and nothing else, character or ship bashing. Although I love angst, I prefer happy or at least hopeful endings.

If you want to know more about me, feel free to check out my tumblr, which is @herowndeliverance, or my ao3 page.

Fandom-specific thoughts:

Master Song: since this the five-minute fandom of my heart (it's a Leonard Cohen song) this might be a good request to do if you're stuck on any of the others, so we'll start here. As I said, I have wanted fic of this song for years, but keep forgetting to request it, so anything in this fandom would delight me, and there's so many angles you could take it. The first and most obvious is the complicated relationship between the three characters: the narrator seems to be the prisoner, but also to have been involved with the Master and You--his lines speak of familiarity with them all, and it almost seems like he was their lover or their teacher or both. He narrates their relationship as if he knows all about it, why? When the master fails, what does that mean? Why does the master choose to make his bed of snow?

I'm also fascinated by both the religious and science fictional imagery in this song, so if you want to do something with either or both, that would be lovely. Has the girl actually been to the moon? What war did the master come back from? As a wheelchair user, I'm fascinated by the master being 'just a numberless man in a chair who had just come back from the war' and him flying his airplane without any hands, if you want to incorporate those. Basically, anything goes, have fun!

The Handmaid's Tale: As you know, I requested Offred and Serena Joy (or preferably, Offred/Serena Joy.) I think their relationship really drives the show, and I would love to see it explored further. They're both bitter and driven and trapped in their own way, by Fred, by Gilead, and by each other, and they're both painfully aware they need each other to survive and hate that. Serena in the finale was one of the most chilling things I have ever seen on television, and June's rage in response made it clear there will be a reckoning, and yet there's also moments of sympathy and grace between them. There's so many places these two could go--I would love to see a missing moment, a post S1 examination of them working together, an AU where they met earlier and ended up on the same side, whichever side that happened to be. And if you want to go the Yuleporn route, that would be more than fine with me, especially if June is the one in control.

DNW: too much focus on the men, unless it's a focus on them murdering the men. If you want to include any of the other female characters, that's fine!

A Little Life: I basically left one prompt in my signup, which I feel bad about, so don't feel you have to stick to it. Basically, I love this book for its idealized portrait of friendship, but I felt Malcolm and JB especially didn't get room to be real people with wants and needs. I would love a fic that made room for that for either or both of them, as well as Harold. As a trauma survivor, it's also really important to me to see people recovering (which, I get why the book didn't go that way, but I would love to see a fic that did.) Don't feel you have to include every character I put either. I just love this book but also want to see more from it, you know?

DNW: Harold/Jude.

Thank you again for writing me! I hope you enjoy your Yuletide! <3



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